ChatGPT4やNotion、Canva AIなど色々触ってみた。

ちょっと真剣にChatGPT4やNotion、Canva AI、D-ID(デジタルヒューマン系)などを使ってみたんだけど、それぞれのAIサービスが得意な作業が違うから、求めてるものをうまく手に入れるためには、chatGPTだけじゃなくて、いろんなAIサービスを使い分けて、組み合わせて使うのがいいんじゃないかなって思った。






I tried using ChatGPT4, Notion, Canva AI, D-ID (Digital Humanoid), and other AI services seriously, but since each AI service is good at different tasks, I thought it would be better to use and combine various AI services to obtain what I want, not just ChatGPT.

Speaking of the topic of whether popular jobs in the media will decrease, I got the impression that it might be true. However, the style of continuing to work without doing anything even if there is nothing for employees to do, and the company has to create work for them, is likely to continue.

In reality, when a person who has taken maternity leave returns, there may be situations where there is no work to assign, and the current staff can handle it easily using AI. Therefore, it is difficult to say, “It’s okay, don’t come back.” Not only in terms of systems, but also for mothers with young children, suddenly losing income is tough, and I think that support for child-rearing is necessary as a social role.

However, if one does not recognize what they are good at, and does not have an advantage in anything other than what anyone can do, especially if AI is better at it, there is a possibility that their job will disappear sooner or later. There is a high probability of such a situation, including myself, so it’s not hard to imagine a near future overflowing with such people.

I felt the need to reconsider my own way of being. I will try to enrich my daily life by focusing on activities that are difficult to verbalize, such as word choices that ChatGPT would not say or experiences.


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